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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

true friendship

assalammualaikum !!

today aku bukak blog best quote and aku terbace this poem which is bout friendship kot. tetiba rase macam nak share pulak poem tu kat blog ni. and this is it:

I know I'm not a perfect friend,
You're broken heart, I've tried to mend.
Instead I made you hurt and cry,
Maybe I should say goodbye.
Would it be better for me to go?
I asked you, and you said "No".
Why say no when I hurt you so bad,
But believe me, You're not the only one that's sad.
I made my best friend hurt like mad,
If I left would you be glad?
Deep in my heart,
I'll always know,I'll love you always,

Even if I go!

yeah.aku sukekan friendship between spongebob dan patrick !!

haha. thanks for reading. see u in next entry..ok bai !!

#padahal malas nak menaip entry baru. copy n paste#

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