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Friday, 7 October 2011


hello everyone.first of all,i would like to tell u that this entry will be in english..fully english i mean.yeah,i know i've never do that before.
it is weird right?and this entry will be all about me.not anyone else..
well u know..actually i've given a task by my lecturer of COMPUTER APPLICATION IN MANAGEMENT or A111 STID1103. it is a task where i am required to create my own web log or blog.

This is it; a part of my task.
     "You are required to create a personal blog at any websites that you like.
       Your blog must meet these following requirements:
  •  Some of your entries must be in English
  •  At least one of the entries contains details about your student information (Name and Matric Number) and your own up-to-date picture.
  • The entries, widgets, and tools that you have in your blog can influence your mark for this assignment."

so, i made this entry specially for Mr Tarmizi B.Musa for evaluation as it will fulfill my task and asignment 1#.
i hope mr tarmizi would love my web log's appearance.hopefully.insyallah...
Here, i've provide my profile.take a look at it.

me and my details

thats all for now.thank you!

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